1. I don’t mind getting caught in the rain and I don’t think this goose cares either.

    Found on a hike, Huron River.

  2. that old tree in the cornfield

  3. Found on a hike. Highland Mi

  4. Proud Lake duck. found on a hike.

  5. Proud Lake tracks, nice light following a storm, found on a hike

  6. Odie in the riding arena at Hardy Farms, Howell Mi

  7. skull, found on a hike.  proud lake michigan

  8. Actress Charlene Jeter

  9. Odie and Tina in the snow.  from January 2014

  10. Galaxy playing in the snow.  from January 2014.

  11. one of our new baby chicks.  we’ve gotten 38 new baby chicks so far this year.  shabby lil farm, fowlerville mi


  12. taja-photography asked: Did you really get drunk and delete your blog? I stay away from tumblr when I drink not because I'm afraid I'll delete but more cuz I'm afraid I'll post something completely ridiculous lol :) Great pics!

    I’m horrible at replying to messages :) I really did delete my blog during a half-drunken period of insecurity and self doubt. I hope to stick around longer this time. Glad I follow you, I enjoy seeing your photos :)

  13. fishing

  14. driving past, I had to turn around and take a picture.  Owosso Michigan

  15. Spring Turkeys.  Proud Lake Michigan

    (Source: shabbylilfarm.com)