1. Fowlerville, Mi

  2. Fowlerville, MI

  3. magpie—at—home:


    The Women We Are   opens in 8 weeks!!

    Please help me spread the word!!

    All of you lovely folks out there who reblog this post will be entered in a random drawing to win a copy of this print (without the show info).

    I’ll select a winner on Monday, September 15th!!!

    Next month I’ll give details on book and print purchasing!

    Thanks, friends!!!!

    Tonight is the night my friends…tomorrow I’ll draw a winner.

  4. Fowlerville, Mi

  5. Fowlerville, Mi

  6. Fowlerville, Mi

  8. bottle feeding the newborn baby bunnies.  this one unfortunately didn’t survive and is now buried under a birch tree out back.

  9. Odie our Arabian Mare

    from last summer

  10. I’m not always in focus

  11. found on a hike

  12. found on a hike.


  13. Found on a hike.

    Ceder Apple Rust

    Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae

    An interesting looking fungus with an interesting life cycle that requires two host plants, ceder trees and apple trees.

  14. fowlerville mi

  15. fowlerville, mi